There are very few computer games that are creative. Most of them are either speed games, combat games, or puzzle solving. MovieStarPlanet has come up with a game that is distinctive in its format and appeal. It is neither a speed game, nor a combat game, and also nor a game of solving puzzles. This game is about film making and follows the same pattern of mainstream cinema. As in a cinema, the success of a game movie also depends on its earnings. Higher earnings qualify a movie to the next higher level. In this game, earnings are made in the form of Star Coins and diamonds. In case you fall short of a minimum level this shortage could be compensated by acquiring diamonds and Star Coins through MovieStarPlanet hack tool. With this tool it is possible to accumulate the required number of coins and diamonds for reaching the next level.

Through normal process a movie created by using characters available in the game itself is viewed by other players and rewarding it with diamonds and Star Coins. Your creativity lies in your ability to create captivating movies such that they earn sufficient Star Coins. Sufficient earning not only helps your game movie advance to the next level but also earn a redeemable certificate. These certificates could be redeemed with new diamonds and Star Coins. Creativity plays a vital part in your movies reaching successive higher levels. At each level your movie is expected to impress other players so that they pay in ways of Star Coins and diamonds.

An innovative movie is made with the expectation of getting a VIP status. You could become a Normal, Super or Elite VIP member each with its own set of norms. Each of these VIP categories enjoys a definite free privilege of acquiring Smart Coins and Diamonds. Depending on your category of membership you are entitled to free diamonds and Star Coins for periods of 1 month, 3 months, and 1 Year. MovieStarPlanet hack involves subtle fineries that make this gaming tool distinctive and enjoyable. Every participant remains committed to the rules of this game.